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Colon Cleanser Recipe

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Bitter melon is a marvelous herb that is getting a number of well being positive aspects. But feel that if these herbs are getting included in out diet regime i.e. typical food then it becomes cherry on the cake. Below is a recipe that is honestly highly delicious and getting loads of well being benefit due to presence of biter melon in it.


1. 5 tablespoon i.e. about 75 ml vegetable oil

two. 1 tablespoon i.e. 15 ml of mushroom soy sauce

three. 450 gram sirloin techniques, thinly sliced across the grain

4. 1 firm bitter melon about 340 gram of weight

five. Two garlic cloves

6. Two tablespoon 30 ml fish sauce

7. 4 tablespoon 20 ml sugar

How to make it

1. Add the marinated meat, bitter melon, fish sauce and sugar in a container, stirring properly immediately after every single addition.

two. Cook, stirring regularly, until the bitter melon is soft but not mushy and its bitterness has mellowed a bit, six to seven minutes. Serve with lots of cooked rice.

three. Combine two tablespoon 30 ml of the oil with the soy sauce in a medium bowl and marinate the beef in this mixture for ten minutes.

4. Prepare the bitter melon: Cut it longitudinally in half, scoop out the seeds and slice on an angle 1/4 th inch thick.

five. In a sizeable skillet or wok, heat the remaining 3 tablespoon i.e. about 45 ml of oil more than medium-high heat and sautandeacute the garlic until golden, 5 to ten seconds.

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