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The Sea View submarine model is a fictitious but revolutionary idea of submarine style. It is based on the style that was produced by Admiral Nelson, Director of Nelson Institute of Marine Investigation, a best secret government complicated situated in Santa Barbara, USA. The style of the fictitious Sea View submarine is based on the United States Navy nuclear submarine, the USS Triton and the SSBN George Washington submarine.

Scientist Admiral Nelson was the designer and builder of the Sea View submarine which takes a voyage to the bottom of the sea. The Sea View submarine model is a fictitious, privately owned, nuclear powered submarine that was armed with ballistic missiles. Its setting was for the motion picture Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea of 1961.

The Sea View model submarine hull was developed to withstand a depth of 100 meters and armed with torpedoes and ballistic missiles. It has an electrified outer hull that repels sea creatures like significant jelly fishes that would attack in the under-sea globe. The attack generators are put into full motion to kill a giant jelly fish that would want to destroy the ship.

This scene is taken from the Television episode (Mutiny), (Season 1, episode 18). In the Television series, the Sea View model submarine is shown to carry anti-aircraft missiles in its armory named interceptor missiles and sea to air missiles in the episode Terror (Season 4, episode 10).

The Sea View submarine model in the Television series is shown to have a forward search light, a sort of laser beam made use of against hostile sea life or enemy vessels. It is alot more spacious and comfy than any genuine military submarine. The Sea View submarine has a displacement of 16,500 tons 173 meters lengthy, with a 12 meter beam. The speed is 40 knots and is propelled by 1 nuclear reactor, two pump jet propulsers.

It has a complimentary crew of among 50-125 which consists of officers, crew, civilian and government scientists and technicians. The Sea View submarine model is armed with 16 vertical launch missiles, common and experimental torpedoes. The manage room is connected directly with the observation room and a sizeable hanger bay was added to the bow beneath the observation/manage rooms.

According to the fictitious model submarine, the hanger held a 36 feet wide and lengthy, flying submersible submarine referred to as the FS-1. This flying sub, attached to the Sea View submarine model would take off and fly at supersonic speed when the Sea View resurfaced. The engines of the flying sub would produce adequate thrust for the vehicle to take off. The flying submersible submarine is a 1 two-man wet min submarine a 1 two-man deep diving bell.

The fictitious Sea View submarine model is comparable in mass and length to SSBN George Washington submarine with supposed identical 32 feet diameter or beam. It was inspired by the United States Navy nuclear submarine, USS Triton. The USS Triton was the initially submarine to navigate the global under-waters, carrying ballistic missiles.

In the motion picture, Admiral Nelson and Commander Emery are to present their program to the United Nations Organization Emergency Conference to extinguish the fire that began in Van Allen belt due to global warming. In the Television series, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, the Sea View submarine model runs to the surface for 70 hours out of Honolulu and the destination is Santa Barbara, dwelling for its crew. The submarine is nestled a lot of hundred feet below the Nelson Institute for Marine Investigation.

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